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The following events are offered by UKAHPP members:


Environmental Constellations

Workshop Dates 2011


Zita Cox


Environmental Constellations are a wonderfully versatile and creative tool. They allow us to explore our place in nature and our systemic relationship to other living beings. They assist us in new ways of thinking about and finding resolutions to stuck situations.
"A fascinating technique for slipping past the self-imposed limits of "logical" thinking; Cormac Cullinan author of Wild Law
"A year later, the feelings and experience of standing in the place of a Rainforest have stayed with me" Jane Reed - Institute of Education University of London


10/11 April 2011 8/9 May 2011 11/12 September 2011

London, Wales, Bristol

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Living From The Heart - transformational workshops & retreats

Living from the Heart is based on an integrative approach drawing on Humanistic, Developmental, Transpersonal, Gestalt, and Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy. It uses energy-based transformational psychotherapy combining breath work, energy work, yoga, body work, art therapy, drama therapy & meditation. It has been developed by Aisha Ali.




Therapists can benefit from these workshops as part of ongoing personal growth and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
It can assist qualified counsellors therapists, mental health practitoners and those who work in the caring professions such as social work and teaching to enhance their work with clients. Whilst attending to their own growth it is an inspiring and rejuvenating experience.


12-13 March 2011 - Sexuality Workshop 26 May-2 June 2011 - Awakening the Heart retreat in Italy 9th - 10th July 2011 - Relationships Skills 17th - 18th September 2010 The Art of Intimacy Exploring ways of relating 20th - 21st November 2010 Embracing The shadow in relationships Shadow Work Embracing the shadow in relationships

North London Dartmouth Park NW5 Italy, Chilterns, South East

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Exploring the Mind in the Body

CPD validated by University of Hertfordshire at Masters Level for 10 credits)


Professor Helen Payne


This programme is open to those new to the discipline of working with the embodied mind, as well as those familiar with this way of working in counselling and psychotherapy. Professionals in mental health services together with those wishing to experience this way of working for their own personal development will also benefit from the course.

Applications are open to practitioners trained and qualified in the arts therapies or counselling/psychotherapy and those with substantial personal therapy experience. If your background is outside these areas please contact us to discuss the suitability of the programme for you. A commitment to attend all sessions is required.

What does the programme cover?
• Participants learn to engage with a direct experience of the self, beyond words and concepts.
• It can assist in developing body awareness, body-mind-spirit connections and kinetic meditation where mindfulness is crucial to practice.
• Mindful movement, in gesture and posture, sometimes with closed eyes as in ‘Authentic movement’ will be core to the programme.
• The roles of witness and mover are explored in dyadic, triadic and group formations.
• Applications to specific client populations are examined such as those with medically unexplained bodily symptoms
• The programme will honour a non judgemental ethos and will provide both witnessing and movement experiences, verbal and symbolic reflective processes, as well as small teaching seminars

A short assignment, for those with appropriate entry requirements and wishing to achieve the 10 credits at level M (Masters) is available. Students will have 6 weeks to complete the task which will be based on experiential learning and with both a creative and written component. A Certificate in Professional Development recognises 30 credits at level 7/M.

NB: Please bring art materials, lunch or if you prefer there is a restaurant nearby. Bed and breakfast can be arranged at an extra cost, please request details if required. Tea/coffee will be provided.


8-10 April and/or 13-15 May 2011

The Garden Room, Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Hitchin Road, Hitchin, Herts SG6 3NA


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Family Constellations

a workshop for counsellors, psychotherapists and complementary therapists


Karen Hamblett


A system, particularly a family system, has influence on our life, and can result in personal distress or longer term issues. The workshop focuses on dynamics that often arise from former generations’ unresolved conflicts

Addressing these conflicts within their original family context opens the gateway to a resolution. With the help of the group and skilled facilitation of the emerging process, movement can allow a deeper healing

This workshop is aimed specifically at therapists, who can not only deepen their understanding of their own processes but can also experience an approach which complements and provides a valuable additional perspective to client work


enquire for Summer dates

Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre, 2 Shelburne Rd London N7 6DL


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Deepening Embodiment - equine guided therapy

Experience how working with horses can call you further into your body, develop your sense of self, your ability to be “in the moment” and to listen to your intuition. This one day equine guided workshop will be of interest to therapists, counsellors and anyone working with human potential.


Lindsay Fovargue & Pam Billinge.


Interacting with horses with awareness calls us into our bodies. When someone experiences the feeling of being embodied and connecting with themselves there is no need for language or explanation. Once we have had that felt sense of what it is to be present in our own body and the horse validates this change in us by responding differently, there is no need to explain it.

Horses are socio-sensual creatures, meaning that they attune to and transmit emotion through their herd almost instantly, for the purposes of survival. In this way they also resonate with, and act as an amplifier for, the energetic qualities and emotions that we carry, deepening and bringing clarity to our experience. Horses are also experts at self-regulation and by working with them we are invited to complete a healthy cycle of biodynamic self-regulation. So whilst our therapeutic experience might be profound it is also calming and grounding.

This work all takes place on the ground – no riding or horsemanship is involved. No prior experience of horses is required. We hope that the workshop will touch you personally and also allow you to explore the potential of this modality as a humanistic psychotherapy.


16 April or 2 July 2011

A quiet and peaceful location in West Norfolk


Discount for UKAHPP members

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ACT - Experiential Introduction Workshop


Martin Wilks MSc, C.Psychol & Henry Whitfield MSc.


Learn why the very nature of human language can cause suffering and commit to living a vital and meaningful life. Developed within a coherent theoretical and philosophical framework, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a unique empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment and behaviour change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility means contacting the present moment fully as a conscious human being, and based on what the situation affords, and changing or persisting in behaviour in the service of chosen values.


26-27th March, 16-17th April 2011

Kings Cross, London


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Flying with Horses

Experiential personal development through relationship with horses


Shirani Situnayake and Leanna Millward


Experiential 2 day workshop - enhancing & experiencing self confidence, focus and awareness & clear, authentic communication.
Day 1: working with horses in beautiful rural setting (easy travel from London)
Day 2: workshop in London, exploring issues that may have arisen via creativity and group relatedness.


Sat 2 - Sun 3 April 2011, 10am-4pm

Hook, Hampshire and Deptford, London SE8

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Redeeming the Spirit

~ Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality ~


Mike Wilson


By attending to the spiritual dimension of experience, psychotherapy and counselling acknowledges an intrinsic aspect of a person's life, which is not always recognised or lived. The consequences of this can be far reaching. And it is often through paying particular attention to spirituality in therapy that a person's life is given greater significance, sometimes profoundly so.

For the practitioner, widening the therapeutic frame to give priority to spirituality can be challenging as well as enriching, and often demands a way of working which requires an ability to attune to the spiritual in the unique life of another, as well as to adopt a non-reductive therapeutic focus.

This weekend offers an opportunity to consider the spiritual side of therapeutic practice from both practical and theoretical perspectives, and will include a consideration of the importance of the quality of the therapist's way of being and "presence", the use of imagination, specific therapeutic interventions and techniques, working with dreams, and creative explorations which take body's wisdom into account.


Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 April 2011

Glasgow. Downloadable PDF on Mike's website.


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Facets of the Dance - Working With Couples

A Two Day Intensive Training With Bernd C. Leygraf


Bernd C. Leygraf


This two day intensive training explores a wide range of issues and techniques related to working with couples, including basic psycho-educational interventions (such as structured dialogue, feedback formulas, "temperature reading"), as well as more advanced therapeutic techniques with more complex cases (such as co-dependent couples or couples impacted by addictions). The training is open to practitioners from multiple theoretical orientations and different degrees of experience thus supporting a rich and varied training enviroment.
- Four couples typologies (in line with Riemans basic forms of fear)
- Sex, intimacy and distance regulation
- TA, Gestalt, Systemic, Transpersonal and Object Relations approaches.
- The Object of my affection is in my reflection: Co-dependency and other attachment issues
- Transference and Countertransference phenomena
- The role of the therapist in short term and long term work.
- Erotic Transference
- Entrapment: "Its because of the kids..."
- Same difference? Working with same sex couples

Course participants will be invited to work with their own client case material.


Friday 13 & Saturday 14 May 2011, 10am-5pm

Kettering, Northants


Discount for UKAHPP members

  Full details and printer-friendly version

Encounters with Soul


Mike Wilson


Psyche has it roots in Nature, but in developing your identity it is likely that you are increasingly drawn away from this Ground through being overly defined by culture and the egoic life. Paradoxically, this means that you are also drawn away from yourself. There will be many signs of this in your life.

The possibility of "hearing" the Voice of Nature is enhanced by allowing yourself to imaginatively participate in nature. Through noticing, acknowledging and entering into the stillness and movement of nature, and dialoguing with what you may encounter there, you deepen a connection with your inner life. Allowing imagination to move you to ritual and ceremony also deepens this connection with your natural or wild self, which is likely to be the only holder of wisdom to live your life by.

With nature as your guide, these one day explorations will provide you with an opportunity to consider your life purpose more fully, to discern what might be a next step for you in life, and deepen your connection with the Voice of Nature within you.

While the format of the days may be similar, and include poetry and explorations which draw upon imagination and dreams, the settings will be different and the process will depend on what intentions participants bring to the day. For this reason participants may wish to attend all four days, and view this as a progression or deepening of a personal process.


Saturdays 28 May, 2 July, 3 September, 1 October, 9am-6pm

Nature settings: Scotland & Northumberland. Downloadable PDF on Mike's website.


Discount for UKAHPP members

  Full details and printer-friendly version

How to Work When Therapy Isnt Working

Transforming difficult dynmamics in the therapeutic relationship.


Michael Soth


Therapy is a hazardous, adventurous journey- what happens for you when therapy isnt working?
Briefly, this one day workshop will examine:
-Client stuckness, resistances, lack of cooperation ,payment issues, attendance issues,boundary violations and committment.
-When the clients process reaches a plateau, stops deepening and they cannot see the point of coming to therapy.
-When the client gets under your skin, challenges your therapeutic competence and position.
-When the client 'gets worse' in therapy, has negative reactions, threatens suicide.

The day will look at the relational purpose of such impasses and enactments from an embodied , relational perspective attending also to non-verbal communications.

Learning Objectives:
- Whatever your approach or theoretical orientation, this workshop will give you some of the necessary theoretical and practical tools to...
Maximise your chances of turning therapeutic impasses and stuckness into productive engagement,
-Survive challenges to your therapeutic position non-defensively and creatively.
-Confront the clients resistances,avoidances and manipulations effectively.
-Challenge 'acting-out' and other attempts to undermine the therapeutic frame.
-Access the unconscious and pre-reflexive roots of your client's rea;ltional style as well as other patterns, schemas and scripts.


Saturday 11 June 2011, 10am-5pm

Kettering, Northants.


Discount for UKAHPP members

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How To Get More Clients & Develop Your Private Practice

workshop at The Awareness Centre, Clapham, London SW4


Michaela McCarthy


We will discuss and explore the use of:
• Personal Therapy - individual & group
• Supervision - individual, group & peer
• Organisational Development
• Practice at home, in a clinic/centre or rent a room
(What are the benefits?)
• Client Contact - telephone, text, e-mail & post
• Contracts and Fees
• Marketing - advertising, business cards & brochures
• Internet Marketing - websites, directories,
Face Book, Twitter & LinkedIn
• The Art of Networking and Selling Yourself


13 November 2011 10am-5pm

London SW4


Discount for UKAHPP members

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One year Foundation Diploma in Integrative Mindfulness Therapy

Integrated Mindfulness Therapy(IMT) Foundation Diploma: Including preparation for Advanced TIRA Accreditation 2009


Henry J. Whitfield


A 10-month Integrated Mindfulness Therapies (IMT) Programme that includes TIR Accreditation. This programme is an essential part of learning to work with Mindfulness as your core theoretical model.
This 60 hour course consists of a mixture of individual supervision, detailed case formulation, review of more challenging techniques, and supervised co-facilitation (exchanging real sessions), followed by written and practical test at the end of the course
During the course, trainees will have the opportunity to focus on their individual training needs, and address the areas of their practice they most need to improve.
Recorded tapes of consenting external clients will be regularly presented to group supervision


Online Tuition



Discount for UKAHPP members

  Full details and printer-friendly version

Certificate in Group Work Skills

weekend-based CPD training in rural Devon


David Kalisch & Jenny Dawson


This 4 weekend certificated course is an introduction to the practice and theory of Groupwork in a variety of forms and contexts.
The course will be suitable for anyone already running, or planning, at some stage, to run groups, and will be of particular interest to Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Mental Health Workers, Social Workers, and Organisational Consultants.
The course is largely experiential and will focus on processes arising within and between individuals, as well as within the group as a whole. This learning will be integrated with theoretical input on various models of groupwork-Gestalt, Humanistic and Psychodynamic.


2-3 April, 7-8 May, 4-5 June, 2-3 July 2011

East Down Centre, Devon


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Certificate in Psychosexual Health - one-year training.

This unique, integrative one year training offers an opportunity for personal and professional development for practitioners wishing to enhance their work with clients' psychosexual health.


Cabby Laffy (UKAHPP, UKCP)


The course will cover physiology and anatomy of sexuality, sensuality and body awareness. We will explore sexual identity, relationship issues,sacred sexuality and desires for a sexual future, including social and cultural aspects of sexuality.
This course involves 10 Friday evenings and Saturdays, once a month. Attendance is required for all dates plus six hours minimum reflective practice per month. CPD: 150 hours.


Summer 2011

Spiral Centre, Islington London N7 6DL


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy - one-year training

The Diploma is for those who have successfully completed the Certificate in Psychosexual Health or equivalent,and wish to consolidate theory with clinical practice


Cabby Laffy


The Diploma will expand on information and the model of psychosexual health taught on the certificate course. It will focus on client work, working with individuals, couples and groups.
This course involves one Friday evening and Saturday a month, 10am-5pm, plus a minimum of six hours per month homework. Attendance is required for all dates. CPD 150 hours.


Summer 2011

Spiral Centre, Islington London N7 6DL


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Executive Coaching Diploma 2010-11

Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development: The Evolution of Leadership, Impact Premium Consulting Services, Greece
This course involves 10 weekends (one per month) 10.30 to 17.30


Course Directors: Vassilis Antonas, Bernd Leygraf Tutors: Brian Morton, Magda Hatzidimitri


In April 2008, Impact ran the first ever complete training in Executive Coaching and OD Consulting in Greece. Our successful program is being repeated at the moment and will start again in April 2010.
For the third time in Greece, our international team of established experts will provide the next generation of professional coaches and organisational consultants, with the necessary skills to support executives, organisations and themselves in the process of transformation and the evolution of leadership. Impact is an organisational member of the Association for Coaching, which recognises our course.
Our program has already hosted distinguished executives from companies and organizations such as ALBA, AstraZeneca, Eletson, Microsoft, Pharmathen, Rigips, Star Channel, Vestas, Wyeth etc
We look forward to welcoming you on this journey to The Evolution of Leadership.


April 2010-February 2011

Athens, Greece

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Certificate and Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Counselling


Judi Keshet-Orr & Anita Sullivan (Course Directors) Assisted by Bernd Leygraf, Josie Lipsith, David Hampson & Mark Leach


An integrative practitioner training for those who are working in the field of relationships and sexuality and who wish to undertake a training in this dedicated area of work


Fri/Sat/Sun, every 6 weeks. 10.00-16.00 each day.

Regents College, Inner Circle, Regents Park, London

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Pakistan Therapist Training - Core Facilitator required



The first counselling training from a Humanistic/Integrative perspective has been set up in Pakistan and we are looking for an experienced counsellor/psychotherapist professional to be based there to lead the training programme at both Certificate and Diploma levels. The core teaching will be humanistic but there is also a requirement for an understanding of psychodynamic process.

Applicants should have teaching experience at the required levels and also a thorough understanding of working with varied client groups. The work in Pakistan is both innovative and challenging and the goal over the next few years is to introduce this work with a view to therapy in Pakistan being facilitated, practised, taught and supervised internally. At this time overseas professionals are required to launch this initiative The post is based in Karachi but will also entail travelling to Lahore and Islamabad where Certificate courses are being established.

We are primarily looking for people who are willing to commit for six month periods with one months paid leave in the U.K. between each six month stay.

There is also an opportunity for practitioners who can only make an initial three month commitment.

First class accommodation and all practical facilities (cook, driver etc) are provided plus all air fares to and from Pakistan. There is also a provision for partners who may want to accompany the post holder.

Applicants should send a CV and telephone numbers by email to Clare Soloway or call her leaving a land line telephone number on 07939 060108. Email: claresoloway@waitrose.com


  Full details and printer-friendly version


A 4-week course commencing Sat 12 March 2011


Shirani Situnayake and Maya Gagni


A short course to develop your understanding of Dramatherapy and demonstrate its benefits to a wide variety of client groups including children and young people, people with learning difficulties and those with mental health issues. Although the core philosphy of the approach draws on Gestalt & Psychodynamic principles, all course participants will be invited to explore & discuss how their own personal philosophy or therapeutic approach can be enriched by Dramatherapy's constructs. The learning focus of the course is highly experiential & life enhancing.


4 Saturdays 12 March - 9 April 2011, 9.30am-4pm

LC&CTA, Broadway House, 15 Deptford Broadway, London SE8 4PA

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On-going Groups

Playback Performance



An evening of improvised theatre playing back your stories.
It is entertaining, magical and can be profound and healing.


Meets every 1st Wednesday of the month; 8pm to 9.30pm.

Candid Cafe, Islington ( behind Angel tube)

  Full details and printer-friendly version

Mixed Psychotherapy Group


Tone Horwood


The group is offered to men and women who would like to take the opportunity to explore themselves and their relating to others in a group setting. It will have a maximum membership of ten and a minimum of six. The working style will reflect Tone Horwood's joint practice as a Psychotherapist & Dramatherapist but more importantly than that is work towards establishing a safe enough working environment suitable for those who may not have had previous experience of groupwork.


Thursday evenings, 7.15 - 9.15.

Cotham, Bristol

  Full details and printer-friendly version

Survivors of Sexual Abuse


Aisha Ali


The group focuses on understanding the impact of abuse in childhood and adulthood.
Although no one can change events that have occurred, you will be encouraged to explore your relationship to experiences and change the way you relate to them in the present.
This work can help you live in the present with more congruence becoming free to relate to others in an authentic way.
This group will offer participants an arena for personal development in a safe environment where individuals can work on their healing in the context of their relationships with themselves and others.


Tuesdays 1.30pm - 3.00pm

West Hampstead Womens Centre, London

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Gestalt Therapy On-going Group


Tuesdays in Central London

Next entry date: 3 May 2011


Maurice Veale


Weekly Ongoing Gestalt Therapy group.

This experiential therapy group provides an opportunity for you to explore yourself and your relationships. Over time, it can become a "mirror" to your life, enabling you to see more clearly your personal themes, needs, dreams and any habitual ways of satisfying or frustrating yourself.
The group can be a real support and stimulus to your personal development. You can experiment with: new ways of relating in the present, extending your range of behaviour and with ways of dealing with the "past", releasing yourself to present living with more interest and energy.
The group meets weekly for 40 weeks in the year(approx). Enquire at any time for the next entry date.

Facilitator: Maurice Veale a Gestalt Therapist with over 20 years experience of Individual & Group therapy work (accredited as a Gestalt Therapist & Group Therapist with UKAHPP).



Tuesdays 7.30pm-10pm, 3 May to 26 July, 6 Sept to 13 Dec 2011.

The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, London EC1., UK.

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Gestalt Therapy Group - Monthly

Embracing Life's Transitions


Claire Asherson Bartram


This group has been ongoing for over five years. It runs for a day roughly every four weeks. There is a maximum of 8 participants - at present we have 7.

The group has developed over the years to become a community that supports exploration, self-discovery and contact. We have engaged with many issues, including seuxality, life change, relationships, depression, excitement and anxiety.


Saturdays 10am - 5.30pm

Hampstead Heath Therapy Rooms, Croftdown Road, London NW5

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Ongoing Personal Development Group



Professor Helen Payne, PhD, ADMP Fellow/snr reg. DMPp; UKAHP accredited & UKCP registered psychotherapist and group analyst, will be conducting another small, on-going group for those wishing to engage in personal development in a safe, supportive group setting. Using humanistic and group analytic principles it will be both verbal and non-verbal in interaction and expression.



Rushden, nr Baldock, Herts


Discount for UKAHPP members

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Ongoing Bioenergetic Therapy Groups

For Intensive Enquiry and Personal Development


Guy Gladstone


Over the weeks an ongoing group deepens contact with yourself and others, and enables changes to be recognised and relationships to develop. I will work with your embodied attitudes and beliefs as these emerge from movement interactions, bioenergetic exercises, group dialogue, enactment, recent dreams and the story of your week.
This is an integrative and holistic approach to groupwork, combining essential elememts of both humanistic (actively structured) and traditional (free ranging conversations) groupwork. There is an alternation between the activated phases (through bioenergetics and shortform psychodrama)and the more open ended talking phases (psychodynamics), each enriching the other. Interventions aim to mobilise the unique resources present in each group member and each group as a whole.


Wednesdays: 5 January-30 March, 27 April-27 July 2011, 2-4.30pm or 6-8pm Fridays: 7 January-1 April, 29 April-29 July 2011, 5.15-7.15pm or Mens Group 10am-12.30pm

London EC1 & N7

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Consulting room - free use for UKAHPP members

The Empty Space Studio is in the beautiful countryside of north Herts, 10 mins from Baldock, 40 mins from central London



Suitable for short courses/group work/individual work etc.


any time by pre-arrangement

Rushden, near Baldock, Herts SG9 0TH

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